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Sensors (RTDs & Thermocouples)

Resistance Temperature Detectors operate through the principle of electrical resistance changes in pure metal elements which Platinum is the most widely specified RTD element type. Compared to thermocouples and thermistors, RTDs have also been known as the more expensive sensing elements because of Platinum. Platinum is popular due to its wide temperature range, accuracy and stability. RTDs are characterized by a linear positive change in resistance with respect to temperature. They exhibit the most linear signal with respect to tempera­ture of any electronic sensing device. It should be noted, however, that RTDs would always measure ‘mean’ value of the temperature over total winding or sensitivity length.

Most RTD elements are too fragile to be used in their basic form. They’re typically built into other assemblies such as extension lead wires and encapsulated in a protective sheath. The platinum element and internal leadwires are firmly secured insulated by means of alumina insulators and MgO. This encapsulating technique immobilizes the element while protecting it from various environmental conditions and mechanical strain.
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